“Creating a Love Box” – Book by Lindy


Authored by Lindy Baker Baker Love Box Cover Agent

Creating a Love Box is a “do it” instructional book that combines a specific creative process with a methodology to build self-esteem, self worth, and a positive mental outlook. This book is not written to just read it and put it down. The outlined steps in the book are an important part of the process of changing your self esteem to the strong and positive attitude required for success in life.

All ages and genders can benefit from building a Love Box. Create one for yourself or help your child build one.

Although the steps in this book appear simple, the psychological effects create a framework to focus on and achieve personal successes-something all great leaders have learned to do. This book was created by an experienced Life Coach, clinical and medical hypnotherapist, and NLP practitioner, Lindy Baker.

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Do you or someone you know have a fear of dying? Not sure what you might find after you die? This live recording of a session just might help you allay your fears. Read the rest of this entry

SPECIAL: Clairvoyant Phone Reading Session

ECON DAY IS THURSDAYcash money dollar
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Accurate, established, names, dates and times
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What is Super Intuition Anyway?

What is super intuition anyway?  My theory is that it is what we as humans are and have already.  There are capabilities of the mind that only a handful of people use openly, allowing the human body to function as it was meant to function.  Read the rest of this entry

No Karma? What Next? Hearts Open!

Lindy Baker Super IntuitionHave you realized that there’s very little left of our past now? Few people have music albums, photos and the like that they are preserving. In the barrage of selfies and photos, present day life is composed of fleeting glimpses. Soon the many material ways we used to recall our past have disappeared. “Back in the day” is fast fading. The past seems irrelevant. The new energies and the new universe push through old customs and habits to the new reality that is unfolding. Read the rest of this entry

 Venice sunset 3-30-13Karmic Dissipation

(The End of Karmic Ties)

What happens when there is no more karma on earth?

By Lindy Baker

Many of you have experienced a rough ride for quite some while now. As I hear some of the upsetting news reports, I find myself asking,  “What’s up with this yucky mess, huh Spirit?” The spiritual answer I got included a  vision of radioactivity spewing from a new galaxy birthing into our Earth’s atmosphere.

In this beautiful vision I saw what I would call “bombs” of highly charged particles pummeling Earth and nearby planets and stars. Even though the human eye cannot see it, it is still happening and disturbing every bit of your senses. This is going to dwindle in our July time period and that is when you should be feeling a lot more positive and robust…just in time for a terrific summer almost.

What is “Karmic Dissipation” Read the rest of this entry

Super Moon

Super Moon


What’s that in the sky? Can it really be the moon? Yes, it is what is called the Super Moon and it is happening August 10, 2014. It is a Super Full Moon. It’s appearance is large and bright. The moon really is closer to the Earth than at other times. Read the rest of this entry



Your urges for Freedom are awakened by the forces of Uranus in Aries entering a major Retrograde position as of July 22. It is especially explosive surrounded by the number of other planets in water signs.

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Cutting Up Your Chickenchicken n egg

A young girl is watching her mother as she prepares a chicken for that evening’s meal. “Mom, why do you cut the legs off the chicken before you cook it?”

The mother continues cutting off one of the legs of the chicken as she reflects for a moment. “I never really thought about it. It’s the way my mother taught me to prepare chicken. We have a lot of customs, traditions and recipes in our family that have been handed down from generation to generation.” Read the rest of this entry


Lindy Baker Super IntuitionSince July 17th a very emotion-filled element called a Grand Water Trine has been overshadowing our world. The effects of this trine should linger into the middle of next week, around July 23 or 24 or longer. Read the rest of this entry


It happened to me. It could happen to anyone. If it happens to you, I want you to be prepared.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, nor how well you eat, if you exercise on a regular basis, or get the rest you need, you can have something unexpected happen with your health. Of course, if we do healthy things our chances are much better to avoid problems, but accidents and other unexpected events do occur. Read the rest of this entry

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