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Guest Readings from September 14 broadcast

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“Creating a Love Box” – Loving Your Self

Authored by Lindy Baker Baker Love Box Cover Agent

Do you walk away after a conversation feeling bad about yourself? Often feel like a failure? Compare yourself to others and feel like you are not enough? Feel like you are always on the outside looking in?

Surprisingly, my book is given a 5-rating on Amazon books..More surprising, it is my male clientele who have recommended it.

In this book is the formula that will enable you to start feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments. Creating a Love box is created from 35 years of listening to people share their most intimate feelings with me and working with them to achieve things they thought weren’t possible. Read the rest of this entry



Do you or someone you know have a fear of dying? Not sure what you might find after you die? This live recording of a session just might help you allay your fears. Read the rest of this entry

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By now you have probably heard about being grateful or in a state of gratitude in order to manifest good things into your life. Gratitude is a vibration or frequency of emotion. Some people think just saying “thanks” after they receive something they prayed for is what this means…or to make statements that they are grateful for certain things. Although this is a great way to get on track with thinking positive and training your mind to automatically think of what you DO have instead of what you don’t have, gratitude is much more than that. Read the rest of this entry

October 23 Breakthrough Portal Worldwide

Ready for the weekend? I can feel the energy spiking already, can you? It might be the perfect Solar Eclipseweekend to just hide out from everyone.

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Soul Mates, Akashic Record, Deja Vu

Hugging puppiesA universal force that draws others into our magnetic field, no matter what the distance, is called Friendship. These people may be in our life for only a short time, some for a life time. With each encounter something in us changes…an idea, a behavior, a belief, a habit. These associations may be powerful whether brief or long. Read the rest of this entry

Shift in Consciousness, October 2014

October, 2014

Lindy Baker’s Star Flash
Clairvoyant Life Coach
Lindy Baker Super IntuitionChanneled, intuitive and astrological insights

for Seekers of enlightened living

October 2014 is anything but routine if the “writing” in the sky means anything. On your mind most is Personal Freedom. Here’s a partial lineup of the astrological influences:

October 4 to 25 Mercury is Retrograde
October 6 – Grand Fire Trine
October 8 – Annular Lunar Eclipse (Affects Aries & Libra)
October 13 to 20 – Sun Conjunct Mercury
October 23 – New Moon Solar Eclipse Read the rest of this entry

Birth Dates and Life Cycles

At your birthday every year, you enter a new cycle. That cycle is a higher energy cycle and a great Birthday caketime to make some resolutions about who you are and what you want to accomplish in your new year. This is what we are prone to do on January 1, but you should do it on your birthday instead. Your unique cycle for YOU begins and ends with your birth date.

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Pluto Direct 2014 Brings Relief – Star Flash


Lindy Baker’s Star Flash
Clairvoyant Life Coach
Lindy Baker Super IntuitionChanneled, intuitive and astrological insights

for Seekers of enlightened living

Feeling like you could use a boost to your inspiration and motivation?  There’s a lot of upbeat energy to look forward to yet this month.  Things may seem to fall into place without your trying. Is that really possible?  Yes. Read the rest of this entry

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