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LINDY BAKER – Gifted Clairvoyant and Life Coach


(Regular session rate is $75 ea.)
Certificate Special $25 each when purchased as a package of 10.  Total cost = $250.

Savings = $500    

Lindy Baker Gift CertificatNever will you get this low a rate from any highly accurate, hugely qualified, supremely professional psychic, clairvoyant or advisor for a half hour reading session.  This Cyber Monday Gift Certificate Mind Blowing price! This price is lower than Living Social coupons or any other special being offered.

Buy Cyber Monday and also receive Lindy’s books “Creating a Love Box’ and “To the Light and Back” without cost or obligation as a part of the package for every single one of your gift certificates.

There is NO LIMIT to how many packages of 10 you can buy.  Lindy must have gone crazy to offer this special!  This price is good until December 1, 2015, so you’ll want to click the Buy Now and take advantage of this fantastic offer NOW.

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Thanksgiving Day Message

Thanksgiving Day MessageTigrao and I are off to Victorville for a day with some of my spiritual family. I wanted to be sure to send you thisThanksgiving Day Message before I leave:

Thanksgiving Day began as a day of friendship. There is a gift that friendship offers us—a birth of sorts.

When we form a bond of true friendship with another person, we share from the heart. This sharing creates a deeper self-awareness, one that in any authentic friendship expresses itself uniquely.

If we multiply that by the number of like-minded spirits within our spiritual community that we are able to open our hearts to, there is such a tremendous potential to have our hearts and consciousness begin to feel vital again. Read the rest of this entry

Lindy Baker Podcast

This Vibration Called Gratitude – Podcast 3

You’ve probably heard that you must be grateful or show gratitude so that you can get the things you want to manifest into your life.  In the 1980s I taught a class called Mind Magic based on my successfully manifesting things that I wanted into my life…sometimes almost miraculously.  Read the rest of this entry


Lindy Baker PodcastPodcast 2 – The Human Aura continued. 

Lindy Baker talks about the human aura. This is part 2 in a series on this subject. Ongoing subjects include many subjects for those seeking a better understanding of themselves and how to succeed in their daily life and goals.  What are the variations in an aura? Listen to Part 1 if you have not already.  Link to Podcast 1


San Diego News Team Results


Super Saver Coupon Day: Thursday

Untouchable Value – THURSDAY – Reading Sessions Special Rate

              Special Low Pricing for an accurate Clairvoyant Psychic  Phone Reading Session

Super Saver Coupon Day IS THURSDAYcash money dollar
Click here for the details on how to get a Special: clairvoyant phone reading session price from renowned Clairvoyant Life Coach, Spirit Medium, astrologer, numerologist, hypnotherapist…Lindy Baker.

Accurate, ethical, educated, established in 1994, Specific: Gives names, dates and times
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Give a unique gift! Available year round!

Gift Certificates

Your friends will love getting a gift certificate as their present, especially to get their forecast for New Year’s  2016. If they use it for a New Year’s session, I’ll include a three month astrological forecast. (One hour sessions only.) Read the rest of this entry



Do you or someone you know have a fear of dying? Not sure what you might find after you die? This live recording of a session just might help you allay your fears. Read the rest of this entry

Prime Time Special

 Mazie Special

In honor of a very positive, upbeat resident of Texas, Mazie Parish, we’re offering this special for Senior Citizens.

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Simple Words Said Cure

Sometimes we are told things growing up that affect us in negative ways. The human psyche stores memories, but doesn’t always correctly sort them.  For example, you could have been told by others that “you are just like your dad.” So your dad has a heart attack at the age of 42 and your subliminal consciousness decides that “since you are just like your dad and your dad had a heart attack at 42, you should too.”   Here’s a thank you from a recent client in Los Angeles when some of that magic that comes out of a session with me, helped cure a long-time subliminal issue.
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How to Solve Problems

Meditation - Leland Whitacre 001Life is a course in problem solving. Like other people, I have problems and stresses. I figured out a way to solve problems that works for me every time and I think can make a difference in your life, too,.

While focusing on a problem the other day, I realized that I have a method I’ve relied on all my life that gets me through problems and stressful situations. It is a tool that has come about through my having survived many traumas, especially in my youth. Using this tool helps me focus so that something that would otherwise bring me to my knees in a helpless, hopeless  mindset instead becomes a problem that is conquered more easily. Perhaps you will find this tool helpful to you also. Read the rest of this entry

September 2015 Astrologically – Lindy Baker’s Star Flash

Lindy Baker Super Intuition LogoSeptember 6 Planet Venus goes direct in Leo. This energy opens us up to embracing new relationships based on the discoveries that we’ve made in the last four or five months since spring when we discovered what won’t work for us.

September 13 when a partial solar eclipse occurs, our intuitive selves peek glimpses through other dimensions. Many may find a labyrinth of entertaining dreams urging you to push the alarm button to snooze several more times to return to that refreshing experience. Read the rest of this entry

The Universe As We Knew It Has Shifted

Solar EclipseOur most awakening experiences aren’t tied to the usual things any more…such as astrology and numerology. The universe as we knew it has shifted. There are new stars, galaxies and energy patterns as a result. Dimensional doorways and shifts are extremely subtle and not pre-destined. They’re more truly evolutionary, meaning a product of such development; something evolved.
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