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World Renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium

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Lindy Baker Podcast

This Vibration Called Gratitude – Podcast 3

You’ve probably heard that you must be grateful or show gratitude so that you can get the things you want to manifest into your life.  In the 1980s I taught a class called Mind Magic based on my successfully manifesting things that I wanted into my life…sometimes almost miraculously.  Read the rest of this entry

         Minute Timer Mind Magic


Timer photoSetting a timer echoes your mother’s heartbeat.

The mind is the most powerful natural gift that we have. Allowing it to perform at its best is something we can learn. When we set our minds to something and stick to it, not allowing our emotions, negative thoughts, or doubts to get in the way, it’s amazing to see what can be accomplished.

Life truly gets better when we focus on something that we want…whether it is something that seems more like a dream, or something we have to do. It gets better when we focus on what we do want, instead of what we don’t want. I see people chasing their drama all day long–instead of chasing their dreams. We all have problems and issues; that’s life. But these people tend to let the drama run their life and control their attention instead of focusing on the solutions instead of the problems. Read the rest of this entry

Lindy Baker Best: San Diego News Team Results

.WB5 News in San Diego, California created a “Psychic Test” news broadcast. Intent on discovering if there was any substance to people who are  psychics, astrologers and clairvoyants, they interviewed and tested various individuals from the San Diego area.  One of these, Lindy Baker, who had a small office in the Hillcrest area of the city on University Avenue allowed them to include her in their research.  This clip from that broadcast shows that they found Lindy Baker to be the best out of all those they viewed. Read the rest of this entry

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Powerball and Lotto Numbers

Powerball and Lotto NumbersMillions of people spend a lot of time and money attempting to come up with the winning lotto numbers or to discover systems that will work to win it. Several times over the years, I’ve actually successfully picked the lotto numbers for some clients. On occasion I’ve had some heckler taunt me with: “If you’re so psychic why can’t you pick the lotto numbers?”  The answer is pretty simple, I think.  Read on for why I am not picking the numbers for myself every day. Read the rest of this entry

2016 Predictions and Message

Predictions for 20162016 is going to be Amazing because it is an ending and new beginnings year! 

It’s a Leap Year with February having 29 days making it different from the git-go.  In numerology it’s a philanthropic and giving kind of energy year. Happy New Year!

Tomorrow is January 1, 2016. There isn’t really too much difference
between today and tomorrow except for a very major thing our frame of mind!

On January 1 we’re filled with Hope. We get excited that we open our
book of life to a new chapter, or a whole new book. Read the rest of this entry

2016 Numerology Year 9

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Numerology Year 9. . .Endings and Ideas

This is the last year of the nine-year cycle. During this cycle many things that are no longer necessary to you want to leave your life. During this time you may contemplate a new career or life direction and complete the transition during this cycle. Read the rest of this entry


Waves canstockphoto11242822Many people are depressed during the holiday season…some must combat depression at other times of the year. There can be many reasons. You may have lost a loved one during the year and it saddens the holiday being so aware of their absence. You may have suffered a breakup in a relationship. The reasons are too numerous to mention.

In my practice of a combination of hypnotherapy, neurolinguistics (NLP), and channeled information, I’ve discovered some ways to combat depression and sadness. There are quite a few physiological (physical) ways to reduce your level of depression.

I do know that while in depression, however, we also lack the energy to even think about doing something to alleviate the problem. ACTION of any kind is the game changer. Read the rest of this entry

Response Karmic Dissipation Article


Review of Karmic Dissipation ArticleKarmic Cords are the unseen cords that are said to hold us into interacting with other people…the paying and repaying of karmic debt.  But in channel, I’ve been told since prior to the year 2000 that mankind would be going through a process called “Karmic Dissipation.”  Below is a copy of an email that was sent to me by one of my readers, one of my client friends containing her response or review to that karmic dissipation article.
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Thanksgiving Day Message

Thanksgiving Day MessageTigrao and I are off to Victorville for a day with some of my spiritual family. I wanted to be sure to send you thisThanksgiving Day Message before I leave:

Thanksgiving Day began as a day of friendship. There is a gift that friendship offers us—a birth of sorts.

When we form a bond of true friendship with another person, we share from the heart. This sharing creates a deeper self-awareness, one that in any authentic friendship expresses itself uniquely.

If we multiply that by the number of like-minded spirits within our spiritual community that we are able to open our hearts to, there is such a tremendous potential to have our hearts and consciousness begin to feel vital again. Read the rest of this entry

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